If you want to, say, do you design a giant telescope? You have to describe what the scientific purpose is, what you want it to accomplish.  Then you have to set up a process with an engineering team to say, “Let’s translate these wishes into drawings, concepts.” This is something called systems engineering.  It’s a specialty in engineering to be able to translate the wish into the parts.  So that’s one thing to do. Then another thing is, if you’re working on something — which I often did personally during the COBE project — say you’re sitting there with a problem that has to be solved, and you’re working with engineers to solve the problem. It’s been my faith that I’m not usually the one that knows the answer.  Somebody sitting in the corner not saying anything could be the one that knows the answer to this one, and has been waiting for you to call on him or her to say so.  So a lot of it is a group process management to encourage the people who could solve the problem to speak up.  So it’s saying basically it’s a social endeavor.  Science and engineering together are both.  And very rare for a single person to do it alone.