John Mather: Personally my experience is we are going like crazy for ambitious projects to explore the solar system, to explore the cosmos, doing everything we possibly can.  Our technology has gotten better and better and we can do these amazing things.  Our application to things at home keeps on improving too.  So as far as I can tell, we are continuing to do even more than we ever could before.  Maybe the public isn’t noticing, because their attention is on other things.  Among other things we didn’t have any big disasters lately.  When the Hubble telescope was launched and was a problem, then everybody knew about it, and then we fixed it.  So we were in the news.  When you do everything right, people don’t notice.  They just say, “Oh, that’s cool.  They must not be doing anything exciting.”  But to me, what we’re doing scientifically is as exciting as you could possibly imagine.  I guess, perhaps you’re also talking about the manned program, which has come to a temporary end in the sense of we no longer have a space shuttle to fly.  But we’re very close now to getting people to ride on our commercial launch vehicles that were set out as part of the plan.  So pretty soon we should be able to do that again.  That’s pretty important.