This present novel that will be out —Villages — I several times thought it might be a bad idea and kind of abandoned it. So, it was really the habit — the habit of writing that kept me at it in the end. It was like a bad marriage. I mean, whatever. This is the wife I’m married to here, and I’m going to finish this book. Finishing it becomes the only way to get rid of it. So yes, it’s good to have a certain doggedness to your technique. In college I was struck by the fact that Bernard Shaw, who became a playwright only after writing five novels, would sit in the British Museum, the reading room, and his quota was something like maybe five pages a day, but when he got to the last word on the last page, — whether it was the middle of a sentence — he would stop. So this notion that when you have a quota, whether it’s two pages or — three is how I think of it, three pages — that it’s a fairly modest quota, but nevertheless if you do it, really do it, the stuff will accumulate.