Just do the best you can. Don’t worry. I think the pressure, you better put pressure on yourself and do a good job. And, if you put pressure on yourself to do a good job, you’ll do a good job. That’s all you can do. Nobody can do more than that. And, if you’re affected by those alumni and those outside pressures or whatnot, if you’re worried about your job for any other reason, you have reason to. But, I can say honestly and I’m very sincere about it, I’d never pressure in public. I never…The pressure didn’t bother me. I didn’t. The pressure didn’t bother me. It gets to be like Richard Washington who hit that shot to win the Louisville game. Someone said, “How in the world did you have what you set up to get Washington that shot?” And, I said, “He’s the wonder shooter.” I said, “First of all, he’s a pretty good shooter.” I said, “Second, Richard’s loose as a goose, and if he misses to him, you can’t make them all.” But, he didn’t expect to miss because he’s a good shooter. He expected to make that shot. Now, if I had let somebody else shoot that shot, they’d feel they have to make it. And, if you feel you have to do it, that, I think, hurts your chances of doing it. It’s kind of like character reputation. Your character is what you are, and you’re the only one that truly knows that. Your reputation is what others perceive it to be, and they can be wrong. So, which is the most important…what you really are. And, it doesn’t make any difference what others might think. You’d like for them to think well of you. But, it really doesn’t make any difference. You’d just like for them to. But, boy, it’s very important what you think about yourself. That’s very important. It’s probably the most important thing there is.