John Wooden:  In ’65 we went back to Illinois and played the first game of the season and they thrashed us good.  We’d just come off of 30 straight and they thrashed us good.  It was probably an awakening to some of the players.  We lost only one other game the rest of that season, and repeated as the champions. The other game we lost was also to a Big Ten team, Iowa. But I had Erickson hurt in that game, and we were not the same team without Erickson at all.  But I was very, very proud of that ’65 team, just as proud as the ’64.  But I was very proud of my ’48, ’49 team.  They weren’t supposed to do anything.  They were supposed to finish last.  We won the conference, won 22 games.  No National Championship team gave me any more pleasure than that very first team I had at UCLA.