I always made sure that I kept the dignity, or tried to keep the dignity that they showed, by standing there and singing and not doing too much else, because I didn’t know what else to do. But you know, sometimes you can get carried away and I don’t know, lose your composure or something.  But I was very conscious of that, I said, “All I’m going to do is sing. I’ll be out of here in a minute. You guys just enjoy. I’ll sing my hit songs,” and that’s kind of the way I thought about it.  But then, of course, the natural kind of intellect that you have comes into being, and I realized that what they were — people who were ignorant of the fact that we were all doing the same thing — I mean, come on, the skin color’s a little different. But then you go on television. I said, “I look white!  My hair isn’t nappy, it’s straight,” and I said, “What’s the big deal?”  And then, of course, before I knew it, things got better.