Johnny Mathis: I had some goals to get to.  As I mentioned, I saw a couple of my icons, who I worshiped as an entertainer, at the age of 72.  I remember it vividly. I was watching them on Broadway in some productions that they were doing.  And I said — I must have been about 50 at the time — and I said, “When I get to be 72, I would like to perform that well and have my ability still intact.” And when I was 72, I remember, I took note of where I was, what I was doing, and I said, “Okay, everything’s all right. Now what do I do?  I’ve done a thing that I kind of had my eye on,” and I said, “I want to see if I can do what I admired about them,” and maybe blaze a few trails and do something at a later age that maybe will inspire someone else.