Johnny Mathis: My father was a very modest man.  My teacher, as I mentioned, knocked me down if you get too arrogant.  And most of the inspiration and teachings that I’ve had over the years were by very humble people who are grateful for any success.  Because let’s face it, you’re competing with the world, and to be given an opportunity to do what I’ve done is, in fact, a miracle, but it’s a miracle that was worked at and that was… I’ve really and truly been focused. The only time I’ve gotten out of focus is when I’ve gotten afraid that I couldn’t do what people expected me to do.  That’s a little frightening.  And then I have done some things that were not productive. Nothing earth shattering, but I got off the track there a couple of times.  I worked very hard from the time I was a young kid, because the instances for my services as a singer were just phenomenal. And I got very — vocally I got a little messed up, and I went to a doctor in New York, a very infamous doctor in New York who gave me amphetamines when I was about 25 years old, I guess.  And that was tough to deal with, because I ended up in the hospital and had to go through rehab for that.