I think I was curious from the earliest age on. There’s a photograph of me when I was a year old, and there was that look of curiosity on that infant’s face that is inescapable. So I have the suspicion that this curiosity was very much a part of my early life. Asking questions about unreasonableness. So I tended to observe and reflect and wonder. And that sense of wonder, I think, is built into us. It’s not something that is introduced. It’s something that is there, and becomes activated under the circumstances of exposure to things that we observe. Just as happened when I heard about the inability to immunize against viruses. It didn’t seem to occur to anybody else, but it occurred to me, and fixed itself in my mind. So I think that that’s an attribute that we all have, to which we do or do not pay attention. To which we do or do not do something about. I guess that’s a characteristic that we see more in some and less in others.