Katalin Karikó: For me, it was very important to read and to figure out, always to see the positivity on everything. You know, even last time, just my colleague said, he was supposed to do something, and he said that he has not done. Because he didn’t even order the material for it. And I could see – one thing I can praise is that at least he was honest. He didn’t say, ‘I ordered, and I am waiting.’ So I praise him for that. So he was enthusiastic and he started to do it. You don’t – I mean, doing science is fun. You solve problems. You don’t sit in a crossword puzzle. Sometimes in science, you ask the question and you respond to it. Like in a crossword puzzle, you read the question, and here you create the question. Oh, what should it be? And then you check it out. And many things are already known, and you know that it is known, you just have to find it. When you are looking for some problem to solve and you think, ‘It must be known.’ And then that’s – you start to read, read, and somewhere you have to find somewhere in between the lines, and then you are in the middle of the night, already 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock in the morning, you realize you didn’t sleep, but you are so excited to find that it must be known. So, you don’t feel tiredness when you are doing this kind of work, what you like. And you have to work and do work which you like because we spend our life with work. And if you like it, then you will be good at it because that’s what you want, to always do it.