Kazuo Ishiguro: I got time to write, and I discovered that I really wanted to be a writer. Malcolm Bradbury and Angela Carter were my two tutors, both in slightly different ways, remarkable people to have as your tutors. And I had a different relationship with them. Malcolm used to run workshops, but only once every two or three weeks. With Angela, she appeared in the last six months and I just had a one-to-one relationship. I used to go to her house in London, and we used to sit around and just talk about anything I wanted to talk about. She would make me lunch and we would just talk about writing. She didn’t demand that she saw anything I was writing. She was very respectful. I was writing my first novel, A Pale View of Hills. She had been living in Japan not so long before that. And I was writing a book set in Japan in the 1950s. We had a lot to talk about on that front. We had fascinating conversations. Sometimes we challenged each other. These were the things I got. There was no “taught course” element. We didn’t have any exercises.