Kazuo Ishiguro: We’ve known each other long enough (my wife and I) so that we know where we differ fundamentally. So some things she says I think, “Oh well, that’s our usual…” you know. We’ve agreed to disagree on that kind of thing, you know. But there are many things we agree about. So if it’s on that territory and she says something, however painful it is, I have to… Well, I’m tempted to say I have to obey, but I have to listen! I’m not sure if your question is alluding to what was very widely publicized about my latest novel, The Buried Giant. She told me to abandon it after I had been working for a year and a half on it, because in its current form it just would not do. She said it just would not do. And this is slightly distressing for me, but I did as she suggested. I just stopped it, and I went and wrote another book and then I came back to it fresh. That’s one of the more extreme things. But now, I think all of my books like The Remains of the Day, I think the ending wouldn’t be the ending we have now if she hadn’t told me I had to go off and do the ending again.