Kazuo Ishiguro: Writing doesn’t necessarily come easy to me at the level which I’m supposed to practice it. But you know, if I was just left alone in a deserted island to entertain myself writing stories, I could do it endlessly. It’s only when I feel, “Yes, I’ve got to present something that’s very structured. It has to fall within a certain… it has to come up to certain standards. Then of course it becomes a massive challenge. And I feel it’s very important these days not to just write things for the sake of writing. When I read other people’s writing, I really value the work that seems to say that it had to be written. This person really wanted to communicate this, not that they were just fulfilling a quota, or it’s about time they published another book. There’s a difference between when someone plays a piece of music because it’s really what they want to communicate at that moment and when they’re just doing it because it’s their job, or because someone’s put a piece of music in front of them and said, “Play.” But yeah, underneath it all I’ve always been quite confident that, you know, he put me in the room and I have to make up a story. If I was back in the cave days, you know, I’d be able to keep going for some time.