Kazuo Ishiguro: The first thing that really kindled my ambition to do anything like what I’m doing now is when I was 13 and I became fascinated by Bob Dylan. I had been listening to more kind of pop-type music, and then I came across Bob Dylan. And because of my age, I was relatively late coming to him. But then I went back over his catalog, and that’s when I became fascinated by words. And I discovered other great singer-songwriters of that era: Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, some others. But these were very important people for me because of this fascinating relationship between what seemed to be a very literary language and the music form and the way they performed it. And so that’s what I wanted to be. It seemed to be the art form that I aspired to. And I did spend some time playing in folk clubs and to very small audiences. And I actually did a whole thing of carrying around demo tapes to recording companies and making appointments with A&R men. I did that whole thing, but quite rightly I got nowhere.