If you are an infrastructure person, and if what is required of you is to just sort of give back the facts, then it may not be important to be creative. You certainly don’t have to be creative to be a good doctor. In fact, you don’t necessarily want a doctor that’s sort of creating as he goes. You want a doctor who is going to sort of follow the cookbook. There’s a big difference between being a doctor and being a scientist, but being a good scientist is all about creativity. I mean it’s all about creating what we don’t know, so that the creative aspect of it really becomes critical. But in addition to being creative — I mean it’s not enough to be creative. You have to sort of be creative, and you have to figure out how you’re going to prove what your creative concept is, which is different from an artist. An artist can just paint and say, “Here, go out and interpret it.” A scientist has to create and then prove that his concepts are correct, and have the discipline to do that. And then, after he proves his concepts are correct, he then has to go out and communicate to the rest of the world what he has proven, because if he keeps it to himself then it’s not a discovery.