Keith Black: There is, I think, an innate drive in humankind to create, to develop something new, to build on what we already know as a body of knowledge. The second is that there is something very spiritual. There is something very special about healing, about helping someone in need that’s sick and trying to make them whole, to help their families. That’s what’s special about being a physician. And what’s special about being a physician scientist is that you take that to one additional level, and that we know now that there are some diseases that we cannot cure, so we’re limited. We know that we can only go so far with current technology to help our patients and help our families. So when we run up against our limitation, the drive in the researcher in me is to say, “We can do better. The next patient that I see is not going to die from this cancer. We’re going to have them live a longer and better life.” And that’s the drive, to find the technologies to cure the diseases that are killing my patients.