As early as I can remember, I always had a sense of fascination with biology — anything related to biology. Even though it’s not politically correct to say now, when I was eight years old one of the things I would enjoy doing was to go out with my BB gun with my friends and shoot birds to get them back to the house to operate on them. To save them, to get the BB out, you know, to do the surgery to remove the BB. And, you know, dissected frogs. My father actually saw me dissect a frog heart, and observed my sense of curiosity with science, and then went out and got me a chicken heart and I dissected that. And then he went to the slaughterhouse and got me a larger cow heart — which was really incredible, because here is this big, huge heart with all these different chambers — and allowed me to dissect that. It really instilled a sense of curiosity in me, but my love was always science and always biology, and I had a sense of fascination with that.