When I was singing opera, the day was always either a singing lesson or seriously going down to the opera house, wherever I could go, and either working through with an accompanist — certainly, if it was any Mozart, I’d go through all the recits (recitatives), every single recit — because those were the ones that were always the trickiest — and do the whole recit through on the day. Then I’d normally take a singing lesson. If I was in England, I’d take a singing lesson with my singing teacher, then I’d go home, I’d have lunch, then I’d go back into the theater. And that was it. An hour and a half to London and an hour and a half back. I did that twice on performance day. And that’s why I never went out to dinners afterwards. I would just go straight home, because another hour and a half back in the car, and I just was ready for bed, because I’m a very early riser. I don’t sleep very well, so I’m normally awake by at least 6:00 in the morning. So I don’t need to have late nights. I don’t enjoy them.