I’ve said to so many people, all you do is you breathe and you sing. Now, it’s how you breathe and how you sing on top of that is what you have to learn to do. But it’s no more difficult than that. And that’s all I do is I breathe and I sing. But it’s how I do it, and where I put the breath and how high I use the breath, and how low I use the breath, and where I would quickly snatch a breath in order to have just enough to complete the phrase. How I would support when I’m running out of air and to support the next two notes that I’ll need at the end of the phrase to take the next breath. Now, how do I breathe out in order to breathe in? So it’s all those sorts of things that is “breathe and sing.” But it’s the complexities of how to breathe and sing. And as I say to them time and time again, to breathe out is as important as to breathe in, because you take away the tension to breathe out. To breathe in, you build up the breath to put the notes on top of the air. Then I say it’s a bit like a ping pong ball. But the water and the ping pong balls are sitting on the top. That’s where you should be singing.