When I first auditioned at Covent Garden, I was going and I was singing for English National Opera. And they didn’t want me, or they couldn’t place me. So I went back to Covent Garden and I sang all sorts of things like Capuleti e i Montecchi. And then they’d say, “Would you please come back and sing this aria?” So I prepared and I’d sing it. Then they’d ask me to sing another aria, so I’d sing that. And then another one and another one. And after nine auditions, I thought, “Can’t they make up their mind?” And at any rate, that was it. So I think after all of that time, they were trying to place what my voice was doing, and then finally decided that I would do these smaller roles, along with doing the Countess. And then from that point on, I stayed at Covent Garden for five years.