I try to think things through. I try to always ask two questions about my personal policies in life. Are they fair, are they morally correct? And do they work? I try to reason things back to first principles. I try to think about things, and come to conclusions and make my own decisions. If someone has a logical criticism and can explain to me why what I’m doing is wrong, and they can convince me, I’ll change. If they have good reasons, I’ll just alter my behavior. I love it when people point out when I’m wrong, and explain to me why I’m wrong, then change. That’s great. I don’t want to be wrong. I would love to be right. If I am wrong, I love it when people stop me. But sometimes people just throw labels at you and throw criticisms around that are not rational, and they call you names. You can’t change behavior that you think is right, just because someone is calling you names, and it’s not the conventional way of behavior.