Actually the music came before the acting. But while I was doing music I found myself meeting people who acted, and they exposed me to that field. And I was kind of like, “Hey, all right, I’ll try it,” always thinking, “Well, music is my first love.” And I just stumbled — I know when I tell you I stumbled upon all this, actually I didn’t stumble, because there are no accidents. But I didn’t have that intense ambition to be a musician or an actress. I just enjoyed it, and if there was an opportunity, hey, I’ll go. And by enjoying it, because I loved it, it enabled me to get better at what I was doing, because there was a love behind it. It wasn’t like, “I’ve got to do this.” It wasn’t just naked ambition. I really enjoyed what I was doing. And all the while that I enjoyed it, I was happy doing it. I was content doing it, whether it was for three squirrels in the park or with three acorns as compensation. It didn’t matter to me. Because we loved it so much, I think that that was a reflection to others, I think that they saw that. That, to me, penetrated the minds and the hearts of people more than, “Hey, look how well we can play.” It was something else that was communicated, by the music and by the artistry. And that created opportunity.