Lauryn Hill: I think everything happens in time. There’s a time for everything. There’s a time to be in a group, and there’s a time to be solo. At least there was for me.  If I had had it my way, I would have been in the group forever. I enjoyed the group atmosphere.  I thought it was so good to have two guys on stage backing you up.  But the interesting thing about entertainment is that when you’re struggling, everybody goes in with the same goals.  Somewhere along the success area, you start to look at everyone around you and go, “Wait a minute. Where are you going? Where are you heading? Because I’m going this way. What happened? I thought we were all on the…” and sometimes success can do that. Sometimes it really illuminates creative differences, spiritual differences, emotional differences.  Just like a young person would think that, “My fifth grade friends are going to be my friends forever, throughout high school, throughout…” and it’s not that they cease being your friends, but sometimes you just mature to a place and some people get there faster, some people don’t. Hopefully, ultimately everyone catches up.  But it’s really interesting, because I didn’t actually make a decision to be solo.  It really just happened.  I promise you that.  It’s hard to explain, but I had intended to be in the group forever, until I found myself in circumstances where I felt the inner desire to express myself, freely and openly without any constraint, without anybody saying, “Hey, you can’t say that.  That’s not fly. You can’t say that. People won’t…” You know what I mean?  So you know the only way I could have done that was in doing a solo release.