Every time that God navigates my ship, there’s nothing cerebral going on. There’s very little thought.  It’s almost as if I have the directions.  Every time I try to do it myself, I’m conjuring up my own concoction and trying. It’s a little more difficult to do it that way, because it takes a lot of thought and it takes a lot of energy. But it’s like, when I’m led, it kind of really is just, it’s all there and it’s clear. “These are your orders. Just  go forth and carry them out.” So I was going to say that this album gets to be what I think, but I don’t know.  Who knows?  Who knows what that will be? Because I think that what I’ve consciously decided to do was be patient and wait for those instructions again, as opposed to the instructions from the record company. Unfortunately, I can’t fulfill their needs. I can’t, because it’s devoid of all feeling. You know what I mean? I have to make sure that what I create, I never want to condescend. There are a lot of people who condescend to the audience. They just think, “They’ll like anything. Just throw a beat on it and put your voice on it.”  But if it doesn’t move me, then I don’t think it’s worthy enough to put out there and move someone else. You know what I mean?  It has to be something that is — personally — is something that I need personally.  That’s my barometer for whether or not it’s good for the people.  Not just anything. “Just make a beat. It’s hot, throw it out there.”  I can’t use that barometer. That doesn’t work with me.