In my family and in Poland in general, the church has always played an important role. As you know, my home country is located between two powerful nations, between Russia and Germany, who are very sociable peoples and they enjoy visiting one another, so they need to cross Poland on the way. That’s why our geographical position was always tough, and we could only survive under certain circumstances. We could only survive as a nation thanks to our deep belief in God because we lived through some absolutely hopeless situations in history and on several occasions, we were erased as a country from the map of the world. But, thanks to our religious belief, we survived and in fact, we continue persisting. That’s why this belief was always really deep, and it was tangible. It was not an old-fashioned religious belief — because we continue to be a religious people — but this is not really an outdated, old-fashioned religion, and beyond progress. Today the Polish people, myself included, find God in the newest-generation computer, because He is there. It’s a question of people being able to find him there. He’s very modern. He’s a very modern God, and He’s really very good to live with.