I never thought of politics at that point, and I never wanted to exert any public function. I never got any adequate training for this purpose, and I disliked it in fact. But at home, we used to listen to the radio. They were forbidden radio stations at that time, like Radio Free Europe and BBC. That was forbidden by the authorities at that time, and people could end up in jail for listening to those broadcasts. So while I was there, listening with the rest of the family and for this reason — since I could feel the ban on such simple things — I disliked the system from the very beginning. And, gradually I grew up and I continued disliking the system even more, and there were certain forums where I would speak out about it, and that’s when my trouble started, my problems started. And, the point was that the more trouble I had, the more openly I would speak, and this has, in fact, put me on this path of dissidence, later to continue into the real struggle against the system.