Lee Berger: The idea of finding things and looking for things was always, clearly, a sort of inner part of me.  I come from a long background of people who look for things.  My grandfather was an oil wildcatter.  My deep ancestry comes from pioneers who were sodbusters in the Kansas Territory. So risk takers, things like that.  So I was always collecting something.  It might have been wildlife, it might have been where I would collect turtles, or try to raise fish that I caught in a pond, or collecting arrowheads in plowed fields.  That sort of looking for things, finding things, has always been, I think, something that’s been a very big part of me.  The idea that there are things that other people don’t see all over the place, even in my own backyard, or as I walk through the woods, always intrigued me, and I think has been a big part of me.