I knew the moment I stopped the car I was going to make a discovery, because I could see an old lime trackway that somehow I had missed in the two or 300 times I had driven down that road before. Tau and I got out, followed this trackway up around this really rough terrain.  Dolomite’s hard to walk on.  The animals had carved a path along this old lime miner trackway, because it was where they could walk too.  I came to an old game fence.  It’s in a wilderness area.  And there I crawled through this hole in the fence, and in front of me was the site of Malapa.  It was just a little hole in the ground with some trees.  And the first rock I turned over had an antelope arm in it.  That’s rare.  Big mammal fossils one kilometer from where I’d spent the last 17 years working and I hadn’t seen a fossil site right here!  But I was on a mapping expedition, took photographs and notes, looked around, saw there were fossils, went up the hill, and found 46 new caves.  Right in the middle of the most explored area on Planet Earth.  I was shocked.