A little more than a week before this all occurred, the young man who was going to take over this position as director was killed in a motorcycle accident in London.  And so here we were sitting with a lab that had already shifted direction, new post-docs hired that were going to be trained in lab things, and no leader.  I was in my office, and I don’t remember exactly what I was doing that morning, but a young man named Job Kibii came into my office, sat down across from me, and said, “Would you be my postdoctoral supervisor?”  And I looked up at him  — it was a tragic moment — and I said, “No.  You’re our lab guy.  You want to be a lab guy.  I’m not a lab guy.  I’m a field guy.”  But I’d just found this site and it was really bothering me.  “If you want to learn to be a field guy, let’s go look and see what this site has to offer, and if it’s what I think it is, I’ll teach you to be a field guy.”