Lee Berger: I have always lived my life thinking there’s more to be found, that we don’t know everything. Yeah, that’s tough. It’s tough in a field where 99.9 percent of the people never make a discovery of one of these things in the wild in their entire life. It’s hard to keep going. I went for 17 years finding bits and pieces. But there is always that thing in me that says there is something else out there. To be fair, I never visualized this happening to me. I never visualized sediba. You know, I would have been happy with a mandible, a jaw, a piece of an arm — anything — prior to 2008. Then there were skeletons. There is something in me that says that’s not enough, and so we keep looking. And then naledi came along. There’s more out there. I know that for a fact because I also learned a lesson from sediba. We didn’t stop exploring after naledi, and there are more things. Those are not miracles, and there’s more to be found.