I love science, and I think the hardest thing for young people is to know what they want. It takes effort to really know what you want. You want an extra income? If you’re really interested in becoming wealthy, then you don’t want to go into science. It’s not impossible, but unlikely that that’s a road to wealth. You really have to know what makes you happy and that takes a little effort. What makes you pleasurable? What makes you say, “Thank God it’s Monday,” instead of “Thank God it’s Friday.” That’s a lot. You’re going to spend some vast fraction of your life in your business, whatever it is, whether it’s running a lathe, running a corporation, or running an experiment. Therefore, you want to really enjoy that, otherwise it’s a dumb thing you’re going to do. If you hate to go to work, even though you’re making three times as much as a scientist, probably you’re life will not be that satisfying. The biggest effort is, know thyself. That’s Shakespeare, right? “To thine own self be true.” It’s not easy, so you’ve got to have some experiences. I generally advise kids to, you know, take the hardest courses, because that’s useful. Aim high, because you can always fall back, but if you aim low, there’s nothing to fall back to. You know? Try hard things, and there’s always fall-back. You can always do less and still have fun at it. Especially in college: smorgasbord! Try everything.