We really do have a fundamental belief that the world is very simple — that when we finally understand the universe, we’ll be able to fit it on a simple T-shirt with one sort of symbol and an explanation point: “This is the way the world works!” We’re not there yet. And one of the ingredients in simplicity is symmetry, and symmetry means what most artists know about and most people who appreciate Greek sculpture know about — it’s something which looks the same.  You see a row of Greek columns, and you see that symmetry of the columns. Or you see a perfect Grecian figure, which is again, symmetric between the left and the right side. And we were testing one of these deep symmetry principles, which everyone believed was perfect. It’s like, if you have a perfect human being who’s perfectly symmetric, and half the person shows up, like one of these magic boxes you sometimes see, say, from just right down the middle. You see the left side, and you say, “I can deduce what’s behind the screen, even though I don’t see it.” By looking at the left side, I know what the right side looks like. So you can make predictions about nature from your belief in symmetry.