Leon Lederman: What I didn’t expect was the awe with which people treat this thing.  You know, I thought it’s another prize, great.  I’d like to have it, and there’s even a check that goes with it.  Wow!  That’s great.  A nice party you go to — almost all expenses paid except for my wife’s dresses.  But it’s more than that.  It really has an aura about it.  First of all, you become an expert on everything.  You get interviewed for, “What do you think about the Brazilian debt, or social security, or women’s dresses?” Well, there I had an opinion — but the other things, I don’t know — as short as possible! And that’s part of it — and that, you’d better be careful about.  But it turned out that if you ever want to do anything in the way of education, for example, or science policy, where you want to change laws or move people to be active — boy, then having a Nobel Prize helps a lot!  You get into places that normally would be very difficult to get into.