Let’s take a metaphor. You have a trunk. And all kinds of combination locks and you know this trunk is important because you found it in an attic. It’s covered with cobwebs, and must be really good. People are working on the combinations and you come in, sort of six months later, and they’re all working on the combinations, and they have these papers and computer codes, and they’re working out, and you say, “Look at all these bright guys. They haven’t been able to get into the trunk. There’s something they’re missing.” And you walk around the back — the back is open. Nobody went to look at the back of the trunk. Well, it’s kind of a silly metaphor but, in a way, science can often be that way. You know that a lot of very bright people have been working on a problem. You know there’s a solution, right? So, you say, “What is it that they haven’t thought about?”