When I got elected to Congress and went back there, one of the things that I learned — and I also pass this on to our students — which is that knowledge is power. And if you’re a member of Congress and you know an issue better than anybody, that’s power. That’s power. The budget was an issue that very few members understood. It’s complicated stuff. The budget process is very complex. How you put budgets together, how you try to get them passed, what do all these numbers mean, et cetera. But I got very interested in that when I went back. I remember getting on the budget committee and really enjoying that experience of working on the budgets, because what the budget gives you is the opportunity to see the entire government, to see all the priorities that we spend money on, and to determine what our priorities should be. Frankly, as a member of Congress, understanding what are important priorities for this country and where you want to spend your resources is probably the most important responsibility you have.