I went to my predecessor (as White House Chief of Staff), a nice guy named Mack McLarty, and I said, “Mack, I need an organization chart for the White House.” And he thought about it and he says, “You know, Leon, I don’t believe I have one of those.” I thought “Oh man, am I in trouble!” So now I’ve got to basically put an organization chart together. Frankly, I relied a lot more on my military experience almost than anything. I started with an organization chart: Chief of Staff, Deputy Chiefs of Staff, who’s responsible to who. I developed control over who went into the Oval Office, discipline there. I required everybody to come through me. I participated in every meeting so I knew what was going on. I really developed a lot of discipline within the White House. And to the President’s credit, the President wanted to do that. He knew that the White House was not operating well. So he was willing to give me the authority to be able to do what I felt needed to be done to move some staff people out. I got rid of all of these floating counsels to the President. I said, “We don’t need them. If they’re going to work in the White House, they have to have a specific responsibility so that I know that they’re doing what needs to be done.”