It’s tough, particularly when you just kind of walk into the White House and all these people have developed their little areas of power. They’ve all tried to figure out how they could advance their own careers and their own egos. And suddenly you’re walking in there as the chief law enforcement officer and you’re trying to tell them what to do. There are a lot of knives out. I remember bringing my staff with me to the White House. I brought some key people with me because I wanted people to watch my back while all these knives were out. But I also realized that — and by the way, this is a question I often get about when you take over OMB or CIA or Department of Defense. How the hell do you make it work? And the key to it is that you really have to build a team that are working together. And I really do believe you have to be honest, honest with yourself about who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are.