I’m not easily daunted. Scale — my wife observes, which is a very important thing. She knows me better than anyone. She says, “It’s funny. You have no trouble with scale. You can imagine things and the size doesn’t daunt you. Like New Albany, the community. I say, “I think I’m going to plan a city. This would be a fun project, and it’s going to be 12,000 acres. Let’s just start planning it.” And she says, “That’s just really unusual.” Or you plan a business to double, or whatever it is you’re planning. She said, “If you imagine it and it’s fun for you to imagine and you start playing with it, then you’ll engage, and the scale doesn’t daunt you.” The flipside and her insight is helpful to me, because I think she sees me better than I see myself. She’s like, “Sometimes you’ll say things, and there’s a risk implied in the scale of what you’re doing or what you’re attempting. But you have an enormously active risk calculator and you think about things for a long time before they kind of pop out.” So people will say, “Oh, we just had this idea.” She said, “I might know that you’ve been thinking about it for several years.”