I like to know about people. I’m curious about leadership. I’m curious about biography and history, and reading biography from a historical point of view, and reading history to understand how people behaved. One of the things that influenced the business was Emile Zola’s book The Ladies’ Paradise.  The notion of Victoria should be a ladies’ paradise. If men like Victoria’s Secret, that’s kind of a bonus, but in my imagination they should feel uncomfortable when they’re in the store, if there’s no mahogany paneling, there’s nothing that’s welcoming. This is a ladies’ paradise. And that thinking goes into the design of the store, the fitting rooms, the fabric, the display. It’s all from the lady’s point of view. It has nothing to do with men. Every so often somebody will say, “You know, if we had a men’s corner, we’ll have some nice Ralph Lauren wing chairs and a place where guys can feel comfortable when they’re in the store…” and I say, “No. This is a ladies’ paradise.”  It’s all about her.