I tell people I’ve always been poor in terms of resources, money, but I’m not a poor person. So the wealth of strength, the wealth of intelligence, the wealth of a platform, I’m going to use it to make good the space that I find myself in. But this is how I teach it to young children. Close your eyes and imagine that the problems of the world is a big, round ball. That’s all of the problems of the world — big. And you have every problem on that ball. It is a whole ball, right?  And then you write an article to create an awareness, and someone is mobilized to do something about it, you’ve chipped off a tiny piece of that ball. Is it whole again? It’s not whole anymore, because something has been taken out of it.

So imagine if all of us were surrounding the problems of the world in this big ball and chipping out our tiny bit. Some people would be creating awareness, some people would be mobilizing a group. By the time we all do what we can do, it’s not a whole ball anymore. Maybe one percent of it has been chipped off. You know what you’ve done? You’ve saved one percent of the world from a catastrophe. That’s how I see it. So,I don’t see any kind of advocacy, activism, social movement as not benefitting the world. Everything we do towards the greater good of humanity is making an impact. What else do you do?