We don’t really know how the brain works, by and large. I mean it’s still a black box. I think the 1990s were the decade of the brain, but it still is not understood what a perception is, exactly. What happens in the brain when you perceive something? You see a friend walking down the street toward you, and maybe they say something to you. There’s activity and neurons in many parts of the brain. How do those come together to form a percept — a perception? It’s not known. We don’t even know what the neural circuits are that underlie appetite. We don’t know what happens when we feel an emotion like love, or we look at a beautiful piece of art. The brain is still a mystery to us, and it’s the most challenging area, to me, of biological science today. And I’d like to encourage the wonderful students that are here at this Academy of Achievement to consider a career in neuroscience, to try to figure out how the brain actually works. It’s a fascinating, challenging, very satisfying and rewarding thing to do, I think.