It was so fascinating to me. I was looking for something that was right, and I didn’t want to do anything until I found the right thing. It took more time, but I found just what I wanted to do, and I was very, very happy. I just loved it, and I just never looked back after that. I found the right thing. Now, I changed from immunology at a later time. I got my degree. I went to New York City, to Columbia University, and worked with an immunologist there at the beginning, Benvenuto Pernis. I was doing what’s called cellular immunology, looking at the behavior of cells, but I was always interested in the molecular mechanism, and I was always thinking in terms of molecules. What were the molecules doing on the surface of the cells that were communicating with other cells? Or that were recognizing external stimuli that the immune system recognizes and responds to, to protect the body?