Okay, you’ve got to go out and fight that battle again. Freedom of expression. Are we still fighting that battle? Yes. Will we go on fighting it? I assume so. Over the number of years that I have lived, those are the things that I have learned, that the most precious things are never totally won. It’s like love. It’s never totally won. It has to be worked at in order to be maintained. It’s not easy. The whole thing of casting, and non-representational casting, I was doing that 40-some years ago. We were having those same discussions, and they will go on. You keep thinking, it’s another generation, they’ve got to learn, too. They’ve got to discover, too. You don’t realize the turnover in generation, the turnover in understanding. Anti-Semitism! Astonishing! I thought we dealt with that in the Second World War! I thought we understood something when we came out of that. But there, you see it cropping up again in the very major ways that it does. We have to do that one again? All right, we will do it again. I guess that’s what life is all about. There are certain eternals, and you have to struggle to keep those eternals fresh, alive, and there for the next generation.