Louis Ignarro: The American Dream to me means — it signifies how successful a citizen of the United States can be if you really take advantage of all the things that America has to offer. We have great freedoms here. We have the ability — capacity — to go to whatever schools we want to go to, provided we do well and educate ourselves in order to get into those schools. But I guess what I’m trying to say is there’s still, even today, so many different opportunities in the U.S. I think the majority of the universities and higher schools of learning in the U.S. surpass those in other parts of the world. There are great opportunities here to take on any kind of profession. And then, once you finish schooling, there’s so many opportunities for great jobs here. The United States is, I think, synonymous with science and technology. Now there are great advances, don’t get me wrong, in Europe and especially in Asia, but still I think the center of attraction for science and technology — which I can speak to — is right here in America. So for those who are interested, they could take the opportunity, or they can use this to their advantage, and really learn something and excel in science and technology.