I was about ten years old. And for some reason, at ten years old I was interested in chemicals. I’m not exactly sure why. I think one of the neighbors talked about everything having its basis in chemistry, everything was made of a chemical. So I convinced my parents to buy me a chemistry set at the age of ten years old. I still remember it was a Gilbert chemistry set. I don’t think they make them anymore. So again, no one could help me do the experiments. I would read the things as best I could. I think the chemistry set was for 14-year-olds and older. I was ten. But I was able to do the experiments, mix the chemicals. When you’re ten years old and you mix one clear solution into another clear solution and it turns red, it’s very exciting. And then if you add a different chemical to it, it turns blue. Well, that really got my attention! Or you might mix two clear solutions together and it forms a precipitate. In other words, a solid material just comes out of the solution. That was of interest to me, and I kept pursuing that further and further. Then, when I got into my young teenage years, I took it a step further because I wanted to make firecrackers and rocket fuel. But to do that I needed chemicals that were not in a chemistry set. So I would walk into the local pharmacies. Pharmacies back then were very different. Medicines were not in bottles that they just poured into your own bottle. They had to make everything. So I walked in there and I could see what ingredients they had. So then I would have one of my neighbors, older brothers or even his father, go in and get me some of the chemicals. They didn’t really know the dangers in some of these chemicals. They would buy them; I would pay them for it. And then I would have what I needed to make little firecrackers, rocket fuel, and so on and so forth. I got in trouble for that eventually.