Research, biomedical research, if you’re not highly motivated but you do it because it’s a job, those individuals don’t think outside the box. They just read up in the literature, and they see what has developed so they’ll know what direction to go to, to extend our knowledge in a particular area. I did a lot of that, but that never made me happy. I didn’t want to extend what we knew about an area. I wanted to discover something new. That’s the way I always was. And not because I wanted to be number one or be first. No, no, no. That’s competition. I compete only against myself. I never compete against anyone else. So that wasn’t the intent. The intent was there’s so much information to be learned out there. There’s so much to be learned. Okay? So if I just follow in the footsteps of others, I’m not going to be able to make those discoveries and learn all the new things out there. So I took every opportunity I had to think outside the box and go somewhere where no one else has been, if I may plagiarize that show. So that’s what I’ve always done in my career.