You have to be completely and totally fearless, because if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. It’s okay. You’re not going to be penalized for that. Sometimes the way funds are raised to do research throughout the world, especially in this country, make it difficult to think outside the box. For example, you work very hard to write a research application, let’s say, to the National Institutes of Health or any other organization. You write down exactly what you’re going to do, why you’re going to do it, the feasibility of each experiment, blah, blah, blah, and you submit it. And then if you’re lucky, ’cause it’s so hard to get funded these days, you’ll get a few hundred thousand dollars to do your work. Well three years later or four years later, you have to apply for a renewal to continue your research. So you better be able to show that you did those experiments and published them. Otherwise you’re not going to get anymore grants. So when do you think outside the box, and where do you get the money to do the experiments that are not planned here? So what I would do is you borrow from Peter to pay Paul. So I have my grant. Okay. I got to go do this experiment. I use this money to experiment outside the box. It works. That allows me to apply for a brand-new grant, and I get funded, and then I pay this guy back. That’s what you have to do.