When we had our first hypothesis that nitric oxide lowers the blood pressure, and does this and that, and was the active species of nitroglycerin, I wrote a grant, a large research grant to further investigate the pharmacology of this noxious, poisonous gas. And it was the first grant that was turned down. It was totally refused. I didn’t get it. Okay. But I published some of that work anyway. And then a couple of other people reproduced that work and extended it. Then I went back and applied for that grant, and I got it funded. Okay. So that was good. Then, when I had the idea that our bodies may make nitric oxide, that grant was turned down. My first publication was turned down because I was thinking outside the box. No one thought it possible. How could our bodies make this poisonous gas? That’s ridiculous. We would all die if our bodies made it. On and on and on. One thing led to another, the paper got published, and then I raised more funds than I knew what to do with. And Alfred Nobel came through. So there!