You have to really believe that what you’re doing is correct and don’t let anything stand in your way to get there. I learned this. It’s a very popular phrase, “Never give up.” I learned that in sports, because I was never a very big person, but I loved baseball and football, and I played that throughout grade school and high school, and and a little bit in college, but not much. Columbia didn’t have much of a baseball or football team. But I did play sports, and track and field of course, when I was much younger. And it was always a struggle for me, because of my smaller size than the others, but I never gave up. I just had to work harder, run harder, cut corners harder, but never, never gave up and was pretty good at it. So I applied the same principles when I was a scientist. As a scientist you have to adapt that thinking. Never give up, because as soon as you give up, it’s over. You can never give up. If you really believe in something, you’ve got to pursue it until you’ve convinced yourself with experimentation, “Okay, you had a great idea, but it’s just not going to work. It’s not true.” And that’s happened to me. Now most have worked. So that’s good. But I’ve had some ideas which I thought were perfect and they were not.