Louis Ignarro: When I was in high school, as I said before, I loved chemistry. So I was going to go and just get a degree in chemistry. And my dad, even though he had no education, says to me, he says, “Lou, when you become a chemist, what are you going to do with that?” I said, “Well, Dad, I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll go work in a drug company. Maybe I’ll teach chemistry in a university.” He said okay. He said, “Doesn’t a pharmacist know chemistry?” I said yeah. He said, “Well, if you go to pharmacy school, that’s also chemistry. When you graduate, you could have a job right away, and then you can decide what you want to do after that.” So my dad, completely uneducated. Of course, as a carpenter he did a lot of work for pharmacists in the pharmacies, in the stores, in their homes, and so on. So the net result was I went to pharmacy school, but I took three or four additional courses I didn’t have to take in pure chemistry. So I graduated with a degree in pharmacy and chemistry, and I used that to move forward.